“12 Before 9” on Shotgun Honey

My crime fiction short story “12 Before 9” was published today on the website Shotgun Honey, and I couldn’t be more pumped. I’d love to hear what you think, either here or on the Shotgun Honey website!

This is the first piece of fiction I’ve had published in a little while. (And by “a little while” I mean since 1998, when I won a short story contest in the now-defunct Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine.) I kept meaning to write stuff, but… Who cares what the reasons were? It’s time to write some more…

My thanks to the crew at Shotgun Honey for publishing “12 Before 9”! (If you don’t know the website, you should check it out, add it to your RSS feed and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.)

I should also mention that I stole the title “12 Before 9” from an album by one of my favorite bands, The Throes. I love those guys, and you should follow them on Twitter and Facebook, too.

2 thoughts on ““12 Before 9” on Shotgun Honey

  1. Glad we could have you on board, Erik. Our 100th author to boot. We’ve published over 160 stories, so we’ll be expecting to see you in our inbox soon. Right?


    1. Ron: I had a story published in 1998, and now a second one in 2012. So by my calculations, I should be ready to submit again in 2026. Seriously, OF COURSE you will see me in your inbox again. Soon. (By which I mean this week.) And thanks again for publishing “12 Before 9” — it’s a real honor to have my work appear on the same site as so many excellent writers.



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