This Place is Not Famous Now

Earlier today on Twitter, Steve Weddle tweeted this:

Steve’s tweet reminded me…

The first short story I got published (“The Murder of Ernest Trapnell” back in 1998, before I went into a self-imposed 14-year exile) was loosely based on a real-life crime in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, where my wife and I live. The murder in question took place in the building just northeast of the phrase “Lebanon Valley Rail Trail” in this image (click on it for a larger version):

I think the building must have been a sort of train station at one point, back when a train operated on this line. Anyway, Beth and I ride bike on that rail-trail fairly often, going right past the building where the real-life version of Ernest Trapnell was killed. (Or least where his body was found — time has robbed me of some details.)

Every time we pass by, I think of poor old Ernest and derive some silly bit of pleasure from the fact that no one else on the trail knows about the fact that it was included in that story. Of course, I’d probably be even more pleased if people DID know…

Another location-oriented story:

In Duane Swierczynski’s Severance Package, he has a 37-story building set at 1919 Market Street in Philadelphia. The next time I was in Philadelphia after reading the book, I made a point of going past 1919 Market to see the building. Turns out it’s a bunch of grass and trees. My disappointment surprised me. I think I wanted the building he described to actually be there, which now strikes me as a fairly strange reaction. (I was not at all disappointed in the book, however — it’s great and I highly recommend it. Tremendously fun action.)


2 thoughts on “This Place is Not Famous Now

    1. Duane, thanks for the comment!

      It makes perfect sense… and after the 10 seconds passed that it took for me to get over my disappointment, I liked it quite a bit. I look forward to the eventual Swierczynski Sightseeing bus tours to highlight the various Philly places in your books. Of course, I think I’ll stay on the bus when it gets to the “club” from THE BLONDE…


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