“Blow Out the Candles” at Shotgun Honey

Shotgun Honey LogoThe good people at Shotgun Honey posted my story “Blow Out the Candles” yesterday. It’s about a detective investigating the death of a 17-year-old girl.

Shotgun Honey editor Ron Earl Phillips described the very short story on Twitter as “a literary amuse-bouche.” (I had to ask Beth what an amuse-bouche is, but now that I know I love the description.)

A few notes for those who may be interested: “Blow Out the Candles” is set in my home county, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. Detective Peter Eckert, the only character who speaks in the story, first appeared in “The Murder of Ernest Trapnell,” which was published in Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine in 1998. And the song “Blow Out the Candle” appeared on The Throes’ 1993 album Fall On Your World.

I hope you enjoy “Blow Out the Candles”!

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