The Art of Character by David Corbett

The Art of CharacterNovelist David Corbett (author of Do They Know I’m Running?, Blood of Paradise, Done for a Dime and The Devil’s Redhead) is a great teacher. I can say this from first-hand experience, because I took one of his classes (“Writing Crime Fiction”) at So if you get the chance to take a class with David, I highly recommend it.

But if not, you can try his new book (just out today!), The Art of Character. When I first about the book a month or two ago, I pre-ordered it immediately.

But you don’t need to rely on my endorsement. No less a writer than Edgar winner Megan Abbott (author of Dare Me, The End of Everything, etc.) says this about The Art of Character: “Indispensable. Few are the writer’s guides that are written as beautifully, cogently, and intelligently as a well-wrought novel. This is one of those books.”

Corbett explained why he believes The Art of Character is helpful in this blog post at Murderati: “Few if any of the books on writing I reviewed, even the ones I admired, offered any real guidance on how to conjure that organically whole yet emotionally complex hobgoblin we think of as a fully realized character.”

At Jungle Red Writers, he was interviewed by Deborah Crombie, and explained how the book came to be.

I can’t wait to dig into The Art of Character, and I know that my writing will be much better for having done so.


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