Kwik Krimes Cover Revealed

Kwik KrimesWhen it comes out later this year, Kwik Krimes, an anthology edited by Otto Penzler, will — this is still stunning to me — include my short story “Fortune.” It won’t be available until August 20, but for now check out that amazing cover! (Click on it for an even bigger version.) I love the beat-up look, the the fedora, the seedy motel, the colors, the font… Everything works.

I can’t wait to hold a copy in my hands.

If you’re interested in reading ultra short stories (all under 1,000 words) from great authors like Ken Bruen, Reed Farrell Coleman and Lyndsay Faye, you can pre-order Kwik Krimes from right now:

  • U.S. paperback
  • U.S. Kindle
  • U.K. paperback
  • U.K. Kindle
  • h/t to Rob W. Hart for being the first to notice the book cover being added to Amazon’s website. Or at least the first to notice who posted something about it that I noticed…

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