“Fortune” Available in Spanish

I’m very pleased to report that my short story “Fortune,” which was originally published in English by Shotgun Honey and appears in Otto Penzler’s KWIK KRIMES anthology, is now available in Spanish:

“Fortuna” en Español

My thanks to translator Francisco Sainz de la Peña of the Global Education Consulting Group, LLC.


3 thoughts on ““Fortune” Available in Spanish

    1. Janson,

      That’s very cool — thank you. I’d like to post that translation on my website, OK?

      In terms of the price, it fluctuates from week to week, but I found an online calculator where I figured that the current price (as of 26 Feb 2014) for 12 drums of used cooking oil would be about $1,070. As I recall, it was higher when I wrote the story. Here’s the calculator I used this morning:



      1. Wow! Thank you very much for your reply. The calculator is very helpful. Now I knew that used cooking oil is not rubbish at all.

        That’s absolutely OK to post Chinese translation on your website. In fact, it’s my honor.

        When I came across “Fortune” for the first time in Kwik Krimes, I’m impressed by Eli’s idea of stealing used cooking oil. Also, your story is hilarious and funny.

        Wish you create more wonderful short stories in future!

        Janson Yao

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