Photos from the KWIK KRIMES Book Signing

Beth and I had a great time traveling to New York City yesterday for the KWIK KRIMES book signing and launch party.

Just visiting The Mysterious Bookshop is a wonderful experience (so many signed books!), but store owner and anthology editor Otto Penzler and everyone else involved made the entire event terrific. It was great to meet so many authors who contributed to the anthology, including Reed Farrel Coleman, Bruce DeSilva, James Grady, Peter Cannon, Marvin Kaye, Rob W. Hart, Gerald Elias, N.J. Ayres, and everyone I’m sure I’m not thinking of as I type this post…

Here are a few photos Beth took at the event. If you’d like a copy of KWIK KRIMES signed by about 17 of the contributors, plus Mr. Penzler, I happen to know The Mysterious Bookshop has a few in stock!

Kwik Krimes Signing Event: Book Display

Kwik Krimes Signing Event: My Table

Kwik Krimes Signing Event: Overview

(Click on any of the photos for larger versions.)


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