“Not My Gun” at The Flash Fiction Offensive

TFFO LogoI’m very excited to be back at Out of the Gutter Online’s The Flash Fiction Offensive today with a new short story:

“Not My Gun”

Making my fourth appearance at TFFO even better, editors Joe Clifford and Tom Pitts are featuring two great pieces of art by my friend Dillon Samuelson along with the story. Dillon is remarkably talented and, I predict, will have a long career as an artist.

I think the art we chose fits the dark mood of “Not My Gun” perfectly.

If by chance you’re interested in acquiring one of Dillon’s works, well… I’ve already purchased the second image (a monoprint), the one with the butterfly. But the top piece is still available (as are numerous others — check out Dillon’s portfolio at Behance to see more of his art.)

Art by Dillon Samuelson Art by Dillon Samuelson

Click the images for larger versions.

My thanks to Dillon for allowing his art to accompany my story, and to Tom and Joe for deciding to feature it.

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