Fortune Comic Book: Available 9/24

Fortune Promo 1On September 24, my friend Dillon Samuelson and I are releasing the comic book FORTUNE.

FORTUNE is based on a short story I wrote that first appeared on Shotgun Honey and was later featured in Otto Penzler’s Kwik Krimes anthology, but I have to say the comic book version is my favorite. Dillon’s artwork really captures everything that I visualized while writing the story. He did an amazing job.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. We’ve been very fortunate to have some great writers say very nice things about the comic. Like this:

“FORTUNE is like a fat, juicy slider from some greasy spoon at 2 a.m. – it satisfies a craving you didn’t know you had and lingers in your gut far longer than you’d like. More, please!”
Duane Swierczynski (writer of Ex-Con, Judge Dredd, Godzilla, etc.)

“A life of crime isn’t all fast cars and fast women. Sometimes it’s fast food, too. It’s hard to stop once the taste for that easy, greasy money gets under your skin, but you never know when the next score could land you in the deep fat.”
Jon McGoran (author of Drift, Deadout, etc.)

“Dark, funny, weirdly constructed and twisted, FORTUNE has an ending both unexpected and inevitable, like the best of noir fiction. The shadowy illustration nicely fills in the narrative gaps. Perfectly paired.”
Joe Clifford (author of Lamentation, Junkie Love, etc.)

FORTUNE is a 12-page crime comic. It will be available as a free download on NoiseTrade (along with some extra features). We’re also submitting it to Comixology (though that process can apparently take a little while), and hopefully we’ll have a way to order print copies as well.

So mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 24! (If you want to be among the very first to know when FORTUNE is available, sign up for my email newsletter.)


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