Fortune Comic Book: Available Wednesday

Fortune Promo 2Dillon Samuelson and I are releasing our first comic book, FORTUNE, on Wednesday, Sept. 24 – just two days from now!

FORTUNE will be available as a free download on NoiseTrade, and we’re also working on a way to make print copies available.

I posted a preview of Dillon’s primo artwork a couple of days ago, and before that a few comments about FORTUNE from writers I admire.

Here are a few more in that latter category:

“Don’t let the name fool you: FORTUNE ain’t about no million-dollar heist. It’s a gritty, morbidly funny tale about the folks scraping the bottom of the barrel to survive, and the slippery nature of ill-gotten gains.”
Chris Holm (author of Dead Harvest, The Wrong Goodbye, etc.)

“FORTUNE grabbed me at the beginning and wouldn’t let go. In just a few pages, Arneson and Samuelson have created a comic with a tight, timely story, complex characters, humor, and suspense. I loved it.”
Merry Jones (author of Elective Procedures, Outside Eden, etc.)

“No fangs. No wings. No rubber suits. A comic book that would’ve made John Cassavetes proud.”
Tom Pitts (author of Hustle, Piggyback, etc.)

“Under the cover of darkness, two thieves go after the grease. FORTUNE is a fun, oddball crime story with moody, excellent artwork.”
Jen Conley (editor at Shotgun Honey, author of “Finn’s Missing Sister”, etc.)

We can’t thank Chris, Merry, Tom and Jen (not to mention Duane, Jon and Joe) enough for the kind words!

FORTUNE releases in two days, on Sept. 24. If you want to be among the very, very first to know when it is available, sign up for my email newsletter.


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