Fortune Comic Book Now Available

Fortune - CoverFORTUNE, a crime fiction comic book, is now available.

I wrote the script — based on my short story of the same name about two entrepreneurs in the field of recycling used cooking oil — and Dillon Samuelson supplied the incredible art. Click on the cover to see a larger version and get a real taste of Dillon’s artwork.

You can download FORTUNE for free from NoiseTrade.

The NoiseTrade edition includes the complete 12-page comic, four pages of Dillon’s sketches, the comic script, and the original short story it’s based on. All told, it’s 27 pages of greasy goodness.

We’re very proud of it, and we hope you enjoy it!

(We’re also working to make FORTUNE available in print and in digital comic format; we hope to have news on those fronts soon.)

If you’re still not sure you want to download the comic, take a look at the very nice things some great writers have said about FORTUNE:

“FORTUNE is like a fat, juicy slider from some greasy spoon at 2 a.m. – it satisfies a craving you didn’t know you had and lingers in your gut far longer than you’d like. More, please!”
Duane Swierczynski (writer of Ex-Con, Judge Dredd, Godzilla, etc.)

“Don’t let the name fool you: FORTUNE ain’t about no million-dollar heist. It’s a gritty, morbidly funny tale about the folks scraping the bottom of the barrel to survive, and the slippery nature of ill-gotten gains.”
Chris Holm (author of Dead Harvest, The Wrong Goodbye, etc.)

“A life of crime isn’t all fast cars and fast women. Sometimes it’s fast food, too. It’s hard to stop once the taste for that easy, greasy money gets under your skin, but you never know when the next score could land you in the deep fat.”
Jon McGoran (author of Drift, Deadout, etc.)

“FORTUNE grabbed me at the beginning and wouldn’t let go. In just a few pages, Arneson and Samuelson have created a comic with a tight, timely story, complex characters, humor, and suspense. I loved it.”
Merry Jones (author of Elective Procedures, Outside Eden, etc.)

“Dark, funny, weirdly constructed and twisted, FORTUNE has an ending both unexpected and inevitable, like the best of noir fiction. The shadowy illustration nicely fills in the narrative gaps. Perfectly paired.”
Joe Clifford (author of Lamentation, Junkie Love, etc.)

“No fangs. No wings. No rubber suits. A comic book that would’ve made John Cassavetes proud.”
Tom Pitts (author of Hustle, Piggyback, etc.)

“Under the cover of darkness, two thieves go after the grease. FORTUNE is a fun, oddball crime story with moody, excellent artwork.”
Jen Conley (editor at Shotgun Honey, author of “Finn’s Missing Sister”, etc.)

Huge thanks to Duane, Chris, Jon, Merry, Joe, Tom and Jen for being generous enough with their time to read our comic and share some kind words!

Now go download FORTUNE for free from NoiseTrade!

Please note that FORTUNE is intended for adults. It’s crime fiction and contains some cussing.

Fortune Comic Logo


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