#1 on NoiseTrade’s Mysteries & Thrillers List

NoiseTrade Mysteries 25 Sept 2014The comic book FORTUNE was released yesterday on NoiseTrade and the response has exceeded my most optimistic hope.

To the best of my knowledge, FORTUNE peaked at #1 on NoiseTrade’s Mysteries & Thrillers list, #2 on Comics & Graphic Novels, and #6 overall. Amazing.

UPDATE: This morning (Sept. 26), FORTUNE hit #1 on Comics & Graphic Novels. At the moment, it’s also sitting at #1 on Mysteries & Thrillers and #6 overall.

Huge thanks to everyone who has downloaded it. Illustrator Dillon Samuelson and I are very grateful, and we hope you enjoy reading it!

The special NoiseTrade edition of FORTUNE includes the complete 12-page full-color comic, four pages of Dillon’s black-and-white sketches, my comic script, and the original short story. All told, it’s 27 pages of greasy goodness.

You can download FORTUNE (free) from NoiseTrade.

Fortune - Cover


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