Noir at the Bar Philly – Tonight!

All Alone SketchNoir at the Bar returns to Philadelphia at 9 p.m. tonight!

I’m thrilled to be one of the authors reading tonight, and I’m bringing a special giveaway that features more amazing art by Dillon Samuelson, who drew the cool pumpkin-in-a-fedora you see down at the bottom of this post.

Just see me to get your very own copy (while supplies last!) of an eight-page short story called “All Alone,” the cover of which is the finished version — a full color painting — of the sketch to the right. Dillon really nailed the feel of an old pulp magazine cover. Nailed.

“All Alone” is set in 1951 Philadelphia, and I hope the writing feels half as pulp as Dillon’s cover. (Read some of the background for “All Alone” here.)

So come on out to Misconduct Tavern tonight and listen to some incredible authors read some amazing stories!

The lineup includes Thom Nickels, Jen Conley, Jonathan Woods, Duane Swierczynski, Joe Samuel Starnes, Matt Cook, Merry Jones, Sarah Weinman, Dennis Tafoya, Don Lafferty, Jon McGoran, and me.

Noir at the Bar Philly 2014


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