Word Crimes Podcast: Episode 18

Title 18: Word Crimes PodcastEpisode 18 of the Title 18: Word Crimes Podcast is ready!

This episode of Word Crimes was recorded live at Misconduct Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at a terrific Noir at the Bar event. It features readings by Thom Nickels, Jen Conley, Joe Samuel Starnes, and Matt Cook.

Hosted by Peter Rozovsky, Noir at the Bar kicked off the great NoirCon, which takes place every two years in Philadelphia. All told, a dozen authors read their work in front of an enthusiastic, standing-room-only audience. This episode is part one of three. Part two will be available on Dec. 15, and part three will be available on Dec. 18.


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Noir at the Bar Philly 2014

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