Reviews of the Comic Book FORTUNE

Fortune - CoverTom Joyce, author of THE FREAK FOUNDATION OPERATIVE’S REPORT and a former reporter for the York Daily Record, recently reviewed the comic book FORTUNE which Dillon Samuelson and I published:

“Fortune” is Noir Done Right

Tom describes FORTUNE as “a fast-paced, efficiently told, wryly funny snapshot of a decidedly unglamorous criminal enterprise.” Which is exactly how I hoped it would turn out.

Here’s how you can get FORTUNE:

FORTUNE was also reviewed recently at — on the same page as reviews of Star Wars #1, Hellbreak #1, Conan/Red Sonja #1, and Ultimate Spider-Man #9. Wow.

Reviewer Cat Taylor says “the concept is rather original” and “give[s] the art a few points for originality.” (One minor note of clarification: Comixology required me to list FORTUNE as being part of a series when I uploaded it. The comic is, however, a standalone.)

My thanks to Tom and Cat for taking the time to read and review FORTUNE!

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