Noir at the Bar Harrisburg: A Recap

The first-ever Noir at the Bar event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, took place on Monday night — and we had a great time! Nine authors read their work to a pretty much packed room at The Sturges Speakeasy.

Thank you to everyone who came out to join us! I’m very confident we’ll do it again, so keep your eyes open for information. (The best way not to miss the next event would be to sign up for my email newsletter.)

Here’s the full Noir at the Bar reading crew (left to right): Jon McGoran, Joe Samuel Starnes, Nik Korpon, Don Helin, Merry Jones, John Luciew, Lori M. Myers, Tom Joyce, and Erik Arneson (that’s me behind Mr. Joyce):


And here’s each reader, in order (at least as best I remember the order!)…

Nik Korpon:


John Luciew:


Jon McGoran:


Merry Jones:


Joe Samuel Starnes:


Tom Joyce:


Lori M. Myers:


Don Helin:


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