The Black Hood #4

The Black Hood #4Today’s publication day for THE BLACK HOOD #4, the fourth (you probably guessed that) issue of Duane Swierczynski’s kick-ass comic book about Greg Hettinger, a Philadelphia police officer who gets addicted to painkillers and lives a secret life as the vigilante known as The Black Hood.

(Published by Dark Circle Comics, THE BLACK HOOD also features incredible art by Michael Gaydos.)

I love this comic, but I’m especially excited about this issue because it includes an essay I wrote about political corruption in Philadelphia.

Each issue of THE BLACK HOOD features a non-fiction article based on some aspect of crime in Philadelphia. Previous issues have featured articles by Jon McGoran, Edward Pettit, and Dennis Tafoya. It’s a real honor to join their number. Huge thanks to Duane and editor Alex Segura for letting me in!

Here’s a sneak peek at my article in THE BLACK HOOD #4:


THE BLACK HOOD Back Page Writers, L to R: Jon McGoran, editor Alex Segura, Dennis Tafoya, Erik Arneson. Not pictured (because McGoran and Tafoya forgot to take him out of the car trunk): Edward Pettit.


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