The Black Hood #6 – Out on 10/28

The Black Hood #6Issue #6 of THE BLACK HOOD releases later this month — Oct. 28, 2015, to be precise. And I’m excited to have another essay featured inside.

If you’re not familiar with THE BLACK HOOD, a bit of background: It’s a great crime comic written by Duane Swierczynski and set in Philadelphia. The protagonist, Gregory Hettinger, is a Philly cop who gets addicted to painkillers and lives a secret life as the vigilante known as The Black Hood.

Each issue includes a true-crime essay. In issue #4, Duane and editor Alex Segura published an essay I wrote about political corruption in Philadelphia. In issue #6, I’ll be back in the back of THE BLACK HOOD, this time writing about a bizarre Philadelphia murder ring which operated in the late 1930s and claimed dozens of lives — perhaps more than a hundred.

THE BLACK HOOD #6 also features art by the legendary Howard Chaykin.

It’s never too early to order THE BLACK HOOD (published by Dark Circle Comics) at your local comic shop! Issue #6 will be available with four different covers, the main cover (above) and three variants.

The Black Hood #6 Variant
The Black Hood #6 Variant
The Black Hood #6 Variant

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