Black Hood #8 Available 1/13

Black_Hood_8THE BLACK HOOD #8 goes on sale January 13, 2016!

Along with a great story written by Duane Swierczynski and superb art by Robert Hack, this issue features an essay I wrote about crime in Philadelphia in the fall of 1940 (when The Black Hood first appeared in comics). It’s a real thrill to be in The Black Hood again.

You can order a copy from your local comic book store or on Comixology.

You can read more about The Black Hood #8 (published by Dark Circle Comics, edited by Alex Segura) at the Archie Comics website.

There are two available covers for issue #8. The main cover is above; the variant cover is below.

Both are very cool, but I think this variant may be the best Black Hood cover yet (and that’s saying something).


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