Birchwood Resort – Abandoned Resort in the Poconos

On the way to a weekend writing retreat christened Broke Hack Mountain, my buddy Jon McGoran and I stopped by an abandoned resort in the Poconos to take a few photos.

All of the buildings were exactly as seen here (e.g., all open doors were open when we arrived).

Click on any of the photos for high-resolution versions.

























52 thoughts on “Birchwood Resort – Abandoned Resort in the Poconos

  1. Chuck Barksdale

    This is fascinating and sad. In 1980, after graduating from Drexel University, my wife and I married at the young age of 23 and 22. We spent a week here for our honeymoon. It was very nice and we had a great time. Except for the bad condition, it does look very similar to what I remember.

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    1. Chuck, that’s really interesting. Some of the buildings looked like they had been abandoned for a long time, others were in much better condition. It was a really spooky kind of feeling. Apparently, there’s an airport hanger on the property (we didn’t walk deep enough to find that) — that hangar is where the state police captured Eric Frein in 2014.


      1. Elaine Novak

        how sad, we have a lot of good memories at Birchwood… a bunch of us couples would go there for a little mini get a way… while our parents watched our children… we went there about 2 times a year, in 1968 and 1969. it was so beautiful… and fun… I still have pictures of us there… and you could go on air plane rides, that’s why they had the Hangor… it was great…


  2. Sandra Pickard

    My husband and I spent our honeymoon here in 1999. It was low-key at that time and there were not many guests when we were there. The dining room was amazingly large. There was an indoor pool, and an indoor shooting range… more like a fair attraction. The cabin was cozy. It was a bit weathered when we were there. Seeing it abandoned is sad. Glad we had our time there. It was beautiful.

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  3. Roger H.

    My wife and I spent our honeymoon here way back in 1967. A couple of years ago we drove there and walked around the grounds a little. We found our cottage and it was open so we went inside, pretty much trashed, however it was great to be able to step back in time a little and remember what it was like when we were there. Celebrating our 49th today and will try and stop by there again when we go camping back up that way soon.

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  4. Donna Craft

    Fond memories of The Birchwood, our Honeymoon in 1977. Married young – 20 years of age, now 39 years later we are looking to stay in the Poconos again.
    Yes, there is a plane hangar, part of package a plane ride over the mountains.
    Blue building was a General Store with upstairs of billiard tables, ping pong tables and recreation.
    The spiritual vibe should be pleasant, as honeymooners were here.
    Remember the canopy bed and fireplace cabin.

    Chris & Donna, Michigan


  5. Bob and Diane Bennett

    We stayed at Birchwood on our honeymoon in late May 1977, the last week of their ‘winter rates’ before the higher ‘summer rates’ kicked in. Looking at your pictures brought back many memories. The food, paddle boats, shooting range’s, tennis courts, airplane ride, private jacuzzi in our cabin, the ‘dip your candles’ and many other memories of our time at this fine facility. Still have the photo album from a photographer named Kathleen Flynn who guided us around the resort and took many pictures of us (mostly smooching) at many of the resort’s popular spots. She wanted $5 a picture so we only bought a few when they were first ready, but on the last day we were there she reduced her price to $1 each, so we bought all that she had taken of us along with the album to put them in. We met some nice couple’s while there, we even considered meeting up with one couple again at Birchwood on our 10 year wedding anniversities, but we never did. Wish now we would have….


  6. My wife and I spent a week on our honeymoon in November, 1965. Had a terrific time with great memories, i.e. the private plane ride of the Delaware Water Gap. It is a shame to see its current condition. Would be nice for someone to restore it to its original condition. It could be a great venue for future honeymooners.


  7. Robin Boozer (Kilpatrick)

    My father was the executive chef at Birchwood from 1983 to 1986. My sister and brother in law would come over and stay. They loved the place. I use to help out in the kitchen when I was home from college. It is so sad to see what happened to this place.



    My husband and I spent our honeymoon here in 1977 and came back a few times on our anniversaries to celebrate at Birchwood. We always had a great time there… very sad to see what it has become.


  9. Françoise Filion

    Bonjour bien triste de voir Birchwood abandonné. En 1967 avons fait notre voyage de noces
    Merveilleux endroit. Que de bon souvenirs. Bien du fun à aller saucer nos chandelles que de souvenirs! Cette année nos enfants fêtent notre 50ième ann. de mariage.

    Toujours ensemble
    Françoise et Richard

    Le 17 septembre 2017


  10. Franz Bohn

    Honeymooned there in August 1965. This place was the best! Visited again in the 80s and 90s, and each time noticed some degradation and lack of groundskeeping and structural upkeep. The airfield closed because adjacent property owners (end of runway) refused to allow trees to be cut, which the FAA demanded for safety of flight. Stopped by on 29 Sept. 2017, and am so deeply saddened by what has happened to this once majestic place. Heartbroken… only the spirit of the past remains. These photos show the place in better condition than what we witnessed. Vandals rule now… what a shame!!!!


  11. Gene Robinson

    We used to fly in for an overnight stay or 2 when we lived in CT. The place was the best, great staff and great food and great accommodations. It was so unique to find a place where we could fly into and stay overnight. It’s very sad to see what happened to it.


  12. Spent a week here on our honeymoon in 1976, was very nice place. Headed back through the area in the fall was going to stop in but now I think would be to depressing. Still might though to satisfy my curiosity. So sad to see this happen.


  13. Martha Gillenwater

    Was there in early 80s, wonderful place. We went up to see a great band that played there frequently, George and the Diminished Fifth. Had a wonderful weekend, so sorry to see the resort in such disrepair.


    1. Franz Bohn

      1965… Best place ever for honeymoon. Once original founder sold, things went downhill fast. Stayed there a few times after 1965, in 1990 and 1993, and each visit there was evidence of deterioration. Sad!


  14. Kim Reilly

    My husband and I would come here in October to have a long weekend to do some outlet shopping and alone time. Beautiful place, great food and entertainment. The staff was so nice and the same ones every year. We did it every year for 10 years until they sold it. The beginning of the end. So sad, not a place for hotel and glitz. Hope that the man who bought the property is denied his plans. Love to see another Birchwood resort.


  15. Ruben Medina

    So sad. This year it will be 40 years anniversary that we had our honeymoon in this place. At that time we signed the guest book and we were the first Puerto Ricans to visit the place. We are planning to see it again this year at least to stop by and relive some old memories.


    1. Chris and Donna

      Last year we did the same, took pictures of the deserted Birchwood Resort… nothing lasts forever, but our marriage has lasted forty years 1977-2017. Drove past a furniture store whose sign said, “going out of business after forty years of serving you” and thought how that was a brand new store when we honeymooned there. Stayed at The French Manor instead, beautiful resort.


    2. Sheila & Paul

      We married in May of 1973 and honeymooned here. This resort was beautiful, we stayed in an A-frame cottage with a canopy bed, fireplace and hot tub. The entertainment, food and activities were all excellent. So sad to see it in such a state of disrepair. Great memories!!!!!


      1. Harry and Marilyn

        My bride Marilyn and I enjoyed our Honeymoon week here the last week of October 1965. Fun time. Great food. Met new friends. Enjoyed the plane ride, etc. —– Sadly times change.


  16. Arlene and John

    My best memories of Birchwood are of the wonderful people who worked there! Aldo, Ingrid, Chip, Carol to name a few! A tipsy hayride, falling off the bicycle for 2, and the pontoon boatride!

    We stayed there at least 25 times beginning in 1985, and each time was so much fun! No frills, just relaxing and making friends. I’m sure that one of the reasons we have stayed married for 33 years is because we spent quality time at Birchwood and learned how to laugh with each other. Fun times in the Red Baron Den and the little bar inside the restaurant for happy hour.

    I wish that everyone who loves Birchwood as much as we do could find a way to restore it to the awesome and special place it once was. I’d love to hear from anyone else that has stories and memories to share!


  17. Herb

    Honeymoon: October 2, 1982. Age 24, wife 22. Had a nice chalet, hot tub in the room, went on a nighttime hay ride, took the airplane ride. We’re celebrating 36 years today. So sad to see the place closed and run down.


  18. Alisa Williams

    In April, 1963 my husband and I married and spent a week at Birchwood. I remember doing research to find the best place for our honeymoon. It really turned out to be the BEST place. We had so much fun horseback riding, rollerskating, bowling, dressing up in old garb to compete for prizes. Our cottage was nice, with a four poster bed…and fireplace… A few weeks ago while packing up to move to Florida I came across the picture album that we got at Birchwood. Great memories, great food, great staff….. No regrets after 56 years…. We had a wonderful beginning at Birchwood. Thanks for the pictures. Even though it’s sad, time marches on….. Alisa Williams…


  19. Jim Merrell

    Cathy and Jimi

    My wife and I spent our Honeymoon at Birchwood in 1975 and our first anniversary there.

    We loved the resort.

    The staff was very friendly and the grounds were beautiful. THE RED BARON LOUNGE was great for dancing and the entertainment was always first rate and so was the food.

    I wish it was still up and running, we would be still going there. We made such wonderful memories there.


  20. John

    My parents we married in 1962 and spent their honeymoon there. Just finished uploading some pix and found the name Birchwood. Sorry to see it closed.


  21. Carol Miller

    So sad! My husband and I spent our honeymoon there in 1963! We met our very good friends, Kathy and Glenn, there, as well, and 57 years later we’re all still friends!

    Carol Miller


  22. Wow, very sad. We too did our honeymoon there in June of 1980. It was a beautiful place! So sad to see. I didn’t read through all the comments but I’m wondering what happened that it was just plain abandoned. I’ll have to research that out.


  23. My wife and I were married in February 1964. Spent a week at Birchwood. Fantastic. Sure started our life out right. Still married to the love of my life. We have 7 kids, 25 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren. Must have been the water….


  24. Kim Reilly

    I’d like to see the beautiful dining room and a townhouse if anyone goes again. Husband and I use to go late 80’s early 90’s for getaway long wkends 10yrs. in a row. Unfortunately now disabled can’t go see. Too bad they sold to wrong person who sure didn’t know how to manage. Like to see someone start up again. Hope for future sweethearts to make memories.


    1. Franz Bohn

      Birchwoood has decayed beyond repair….sadly !
      Looters and vandals have gone crazy, plus weather damage is immense. Ou cabin has open roof, copper pipes have been removed and interior space is wide open to entry.


  25. Linda G Brockett

    In 1976 my husband and I stayed there for honeymoon. We rode bikes, water skied, bowled, We had many more things that we didn’t get too. We did the honeymoon dinner. I still have my love potion drinking goblets. Our chalet was so cute, the bathroom was amazing. I wish I could have bought the pictures taken. My husband has passed, but the time at Birchwood will be remembered forever by me. RIP GB.


  26. Marilyn Holck

    Today is our 53 anniversary. My husband is in his final stages of cancer. They (hospice) told me to show him happy memories. I looked on line after showing him our honeymoon pictures and all I could do was cry. It was a beautiful place and great to remember.


    1. Marilyn, thank you so much for sharing your comment. So many people have such great memories of Birchwood and I’m so happy you and your husband were able to spend your honeymoon at such a beautiful place. May the memories last forever!


  27. Robin Rairdon Borchers

    My husband and I honeymooned here in 1976. Celebrating 45 years this weekend. It is so sad to see the state of this beautiful resort. We stayed in the lovely two story cottages that reflect at the end of the lake. They were the top of the line at the time and we splurged to be able to afford them. We spent a week there and enjoyed every minute. I always wanted to go back and and was sad to hear it closed before we got the chance. I wish someone would restore. it. Thanks for posting these pictures!


    1. Kimberly Reilly

      I’d love to see the dining room with the beautiful fireplace. Love to go there but since our great getaway weekends years ago I have gotten MS and disabled just looking makes me so sad.


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  29. WAyne & Linda Sourbeck

    We spent our honeymoon there 57 years ago! We enjoyed everything being there all in one place! It was the winter of 65…. Everyone there was so friendly and we loved the indoor pool, the outside bonfires, and the delicious meals provided daily. We met & stayed in contact for many years with another couple we had met and had our meals with each day. It is sad to view what one day was so beautiful and clean turn into a “ghost town.” – Wayne & Linda Sourbeck


  30. Steve Sistrunk

    I played at the Red Baron Den for many, many weeks over a 5-year period from 1975-81. Our band was George & the Diminished Fifth. We became very popular with the locals & it got to where the paying guests could hardly get a table in there. Such fantastic memories of the place, people, and times! Wally & Carol Hoffman ran a wonderful resort & it’s just sad that others will never know the like of it.



      I bet we saw you at one time or another. We used to fly in for over night stays quite a bit. I remember dancing to one group that was really good and the place was packed, bet it was your group.


    2. Donna Craft

      My husband and I honeymooned June, 1977. I remember the Band as being Very, Very Good and could recreate Fleetwood Mac and Billy Joel just to name a few of the big, current trends in music. Was that your group.


  31. Maureen Benter

    HELLO! Oh my — the Birchwood was the BESTEST Place ever. My husband and I enjoyed many a weekend getaway for close to ten maybe more years. We went individually as well as other couples (we are all still friends)! We have hours and hours of video tape that we still enjoy watching and laughing with our friends (friendships of over 40 yrs). Halloween scary boatride with Aldo on the lake (we were ten couples) Rollerskating, bowling, volleyball, indoor/outdoor pool, plane rides — we have it all. My friends always ask me, “Maureen, can you find us a place like the Birchwood?” WE MISS THIS GREAT PLACE Aldo, Ingrid Chip and the fun Hayride sing-alongs (also on video}I could go on and on. We are all now retired late 60 and 70 yr olds that have our fondest memories from early 80 and early 90s! Makes me cry to see what has happened! KEEP THE BLOG GOING!!!!!! We are also married 45 yrs!


      1. Maureen

        Thank you Erik I just loved the Birchwood and wanted to share my experience with others that also enjoyed their times at the once great “COUPLES RESORT”


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