TriBond Trivia #1

This trivia game is inspired by Tim Walsh’s classic game TriBond (Tim’s also an author; he wrote, among others, the great book Timeless Toys: Classic Toys and the Playmakers Who Created Them — and don’t miss his terrific YouTube channel), and my friend James Torr, who knows how to put together a killer trivia night.

Each set of three in the image above has something in common. What is it?

Hint: The answers are all television shows, movies, or TV/movie franchises.

(If you’re reading this on the front page of my website, click through for the answers. Otherwise, scroll down.)

SPOILER ALERT: The complete list of answers follows.



1. The Incredibles
2. The Simpsons
3. Law & Order
4. Star Trek
5. Wheel of Fortune
6. Family Feud
7. Downton Abbey
8. Happy Days
9. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
10. The Matrix
11. Grey’s Anatomy
12. Family Ties
13. Deadwood
14. Jurassic Park
15. Ralph Breaks the Internet

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