#11,906 on the Packers Season Ticket Waiting List

My father was a lifelong fan of the Green Bay Packers, and I’m grateful that he passed his love of the greatest franchise in the history of professional sports on to me.

I’ve been fortunate to see a number of games in person, and every year as football season starts I watch the mail for a postcard from the Packers to see where I stand on their season ticket waiting list.

I joined the Packers’ season ticket waiting list in 1999 at number 27,611. As of 2020, I’ve climbed nearly 16,000 spots up to 11,906.

Here’s how my position on the list has changed through the years:

1999: 27,611
2001: 27,219
2002: 22,555 (an expansion of Lambeau Field was completed)
2003: 21,987
2004: 21,759
2005: —- (I can’t find the postcard, a fact which haunts me)
2006: 21,362
2007: 21,144
2008: 20,861
2009: 20,578
2010: 20,390
2011: 20,227
2012: 20,067
2013: 15,242 (another expansion of Lambeau Field was completed)
2014: 14,915
2015: 14,729
2016: 13,820
2017: 13,553
2018: 13,167
2019: 12,364
2020: 11,906

(Yes, I have all this data saved in a spreadsheet. Of course.)

If my math is correct, and setting aside the two years when Lambeau was expanded, I move up by an average of about 366 positions per year. If that rate continues, I’ll be able to get season tickets in…


Which means that come 2050 or so, I’ll be looking for a home within walking distance of Lambeau Field. Anyone know a good real estate agent in the area?

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