Board Game Trivia on Zoom!

I’m hosting a series of free trivia games on Zoom all about tabletop games, and I’d love to have you join the fun!

Upcoming games are scheduled for Oct. 24 and 27 (details below), and if you love board games and card games, I think you’ll really enjoy it.

This trivia game features five rounds — each completely different from the others — and it can be played by individuals or by teams. (If you play with a team, just be sure you have a way to consult each other that won’t be heard by others on the Zoom. Discord, texting, and using the private chat feature on Zoom can all work.) The entire game takes about an hour, maybe a little more.

I hope to see you there!

The links below will take you to the registration page for the listed date. After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email that has all the details you need to join.

Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 8 p.m. Eastern U.S. time

I’m hosting these trivia games to help celebrate the Oct. 27 launch of my book HOW TO HOST A GAME NIGHT, which is available for pre-order now!

This game is probably best for people who enjoy modern games like Azul, Pandemic and Ticket to Ride — but there are plenty of questions about classic games, too, along with some multiple choice and 50-50 questions.

If you’re interested in playing but none of the scheduled times work for you — or you want to schedule a private group trivia night, let me know ( and I’ll try to schedule another.

EDIT: Earlier events were held on Oct. 17, 22, and 24.

NOTE: The same trivia game will be played at each session, so there’s no reason to sign up for more than one.

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