Talking Board Games on WGRT

I recently spent some time talking to Jessie Wiegand, host of LIMElight on WGRT-FM in Port Huron, Michigan, about the wonders of cooperative board games, spending winter nights playing board games, playing Pandemic during a pandemic, and much more!

You can listen to our discussion — including how to cope when things that go wrong at game nights — here:

My book HOW TO HOST A GAME NIGHT is my love letter to game nights. It’s packed with practical advice and humorous stories from gamers. Jenn Bartlett, the Board Game Librarian, calls it “a delight to read” and says it “would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for that board game fan in your life!”

You can order your copy of HOW TO HOST A GAME NIGHT (paperback or ebook) now!

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