The Throes of Crime


Calculating hitmen.

Corrupt politicians.

Sociopathic rock singers.

Incompetent private investigators.

Sword-wielding orangutans.

THE THROES OF CRIME, a collection of 26 short stories by Erik Arneson, is now available in paperback and ebook.

All proceeds from The Throes of Crime benefit the James & Jeanne Arneson Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The Throes of Crime includes stories published by Thuglit, Needle, Out of the Gutter Online, Shotgun Honey, Otto Penzler’s Kwik Krimes, Akashic Books’ Mondays Are Murder, and more — plus seven brand new stories never before published anywhere.


“Dark, depraved and wickedly funny, THE THROES OF CRIME is a showcase for Erik Arneson’s remarkable versatility. Equally at home in dusty western saloons and gritty Cold War Leningrad as he is among crooked present-day politicians, hapless cons, and the occasional murderous orangutan, Arneson’s snappy, clever tales are enriched immeasurably by his keen eye for detail and atmosphere. A thoroughly enjoyable read.” ~OWEN LAUKKANEN, author of GALE FORCE and THE WATCHER IN THE WALL

“These stories are bite-sized, delicious, and full of surprises. Bitter, sweet, sometimes even salty, you never know what you’re going to get. But unlike life, this anthology never disappoints. And unlike a box of chocolates, there are no jellies.” ~JON McGORAN, author of SPLICED and SPLINTERED

“These stories cover the gamut from subtle and thought-provoking to action-packed and jaw-breaking, but all are told with elegance and served with Arneson’s signature satisfying, often disturbing twists. If you have a wickedly dark sense of humor and an appreciation for the deeply ironic, these stories are for you.” ~MERRY JONES, author of CHILD’S PLAY and THE TROUBLE WITH CHARLIE

It’s not a crime I care if my friend falls. Blow out the candle so I won’t have to look at this thing at all. Who would’ve guessed when my partner Harry Evans penned this lyric, that 25 years later our friend Erik Arneson would inject titles of some of our tunes into his mini masterpieces. We are humbled. Sun shines over cloudy worlds.” ~BILL CAMPBELL, lead singer and songwriter for THE THROES

“I play drums. I write songs. I consider myself to be a hack at best. But somehow I have inspired Erik to write truly good stories. This collection is impressive and compelling and I am honored that I had some small part in its creation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.” ~HARRY EVANS, drummer and songwriter for THE THROES

I hope you enjoy THE THROES OF CRIME!