Add “E” to Game Titles

Here’s one for fans of tabletop games!

In this game, you add an “e” to the titles of existing tabletop games to come up with the new versions described here. Note: The “e” can be added anywhere in the title (not just the beginning or end of a word).

The titles included here are all from this great discussion thread on BoardGameGeek. Such a great thread! And it includes many more great ideas.

(Click on the image, or here, for a larger version.)

Good luck!

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Alan R. Moon’s Thoughts on How to Host a Game Night

When you write a book, you never know how people will react to it. You hope they’ll like it, of course, but it’s an art, not a science.

I’m very proud of HOW TO HOST A GAME NIGHT, and I think people will enjoy it. I have my fingers crossed that they will. But there’s no way to be sure.

So I was thrilled when, after sending him an early copy of the book, Alan R. Moon — designer of TICKET TO RIDE, ELFENLAND, ELFENROADS, and so many other great games — had this to say:

“Erik Arneson is one of America’s best-kept secrets. An incredibly fun read that’s chock-full of stories, memories, and experiences from gamers, his book How to Host a Game Night is the ultimate guide to gaming. Arneson perfectly describes what makes the world of gaming the special place it is for so many people.”

HOW TO HOST A GAME NIGHT is both a practical guide to hosting game nights and a collection of stories culled from my own experiences and those of the 100-plus people I talked to while writing it.

Wherever you are on your game night journey — whether you’ve hosted hundreds or you’re thinking about hosting your first — I hope you’ll take a look. Thanks, and game on!