“Election Day” in Waiting to be Forgotten

Waiting to be ForgottenA new anthology inspired by The Replacements and featuring my story “Election Day” is out now!

WAITING TO BE FORGOTTEN: Stories of Crime and Heartbreak Inspired by The Replacements is published by Gutter Books and edited by Jay Stringer.

In all, WAITING TO BE FORGOTTEN includes 25 stories by David Accampo, Hailey Ardell, Gorman Bechard, Eric Beetner, Kristi Belcamino, Jerry Bloomfield, William Boyle, Angel Luis Colón, Jen Conley, Rory Costello, Josh Flanagan, Ed Kurtz, S.W. Lauden, Tom Leins, Mike McCrary, Franz Nicolay, Rick Ollerman, Eyre Price, Manuel Royal, Alex Segura, Johnny Shaw, Josh Stallings, Jay Stringer, Liam Sweeney, and me. (Easy to see why I’m pumped to be included, right?)

“Election Day” is set in Duluth, Minnesota. It’s about a news reporter with KDUL-TV whose past catches up with her in an unexpected way. I hope you like it.

Audio versions of “Election Day” and S.W. Lauden’s story “Customer” are available on the Title 18: Word Crimes podcast, or you can listen right here.


“Customer” by S.W. Lauden and “Election Day” by Erik Arneson on the Title 18: Word Crimes Podcast

Death Train to Hell – New Audio Story

Naval Ensign of the USSRHere’s an audio version of the short story Death Train to Hell, which features a one-armed Norwegian-American train conductor trying to save the United States of America from a surprise nuclear attack in the summer of 1947.

Merry Christmas!


Death Train to Hell

New Website for Word Crimes Podcast

Word Crimes Podcast LogoScott Detrow and I are excited to let you know that our Title 18: Word Crimes podcast has a new home:


I’ll still post updates here when new episodes go live, but all of the show notes and related features will now live on the new site.

Speaking of new episodes, check out the two latest:

Live at NoirCon: Three Minutes of Terror, Part 1 (with readings by Patricia Abbott, Jedidiah Ayres, Richard Godwin, David James Keaton, Jon McGoran, Anthony Neil Smith, Marshall Stein, and Jonathan Woods)

Live at NoirCon: Three Minutes of Terror, Part 2 (with readings by Kevin Catalano, Matt Cook, Keith Gilman, Rob Hart, William Hastings, Nik Korpon, Peter Rozovsky, Wallace Stroby, Graham Wynd, and me).

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Publishing Books on NoiseTrade

One of the things I appreciate most about indie authors is their willingness to share data on what they’ve tried, helping other authors decide if it makes sense for them. In that spirit…

This year (2014), I self-published three books on NoiseTrade, a site mostly known for indie music but which also provides free downloads of books. As the publishing industry continues to evolve, it seemed to make good sense to experiment with a relatively new service.

Fortune - CoverThe only “catch” to downloading free books and music from NoiseTrade is that you have to provide a working email address in order to complete the download — which of course allows the author or musician to add you to his or her mailing list.

(The site also encourages people to tip the authors and musicians. One source of NoiseTrade’s revenue is that they keep a percentage of those tips. For my projects, I focused much more on downloads than tips.)

The first book I published on NoiseTrade was FORTUNE, a comic book I scripted with art by the amazing Dillon Samuelson.
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Interrogated by S.W. Lauden

Author and blogger S.W. Lauden shines a harsh light on Scott Detrow and me, interrogating us about the WORD CRIMES podcast, the CRIMINAL WORDS audiobook, and what the future holds for short fiction on podcasts.

Enjoy the interview, and leave a comment on S.W.’s site if you have any more questions for Scott or me!

Thanks to S.W. for having us, and be sure to check out his short story “Dead Beats” (with an audio version) at Out of the Gutter Online’s Flash Fiction Offensive.

S.W. Lauden Interrogation

Great Crimes Stories on Planet Money

Planet MoneyI enjoy listening to the podcast produced by the NPR show Planet Money, and they’ve featured three great crime-focused stories in recent weeks. I highly recommend all three.

Cow Noir

On September 9th, BJ Holloway’s life savings were stolen. His 6 cows were taken in the dead of the night from his land in Spencer, Oklahoma. BJ looked everywhere for his stolen cattle. He asked his neighbors. He filed a police report. But out in Oklahoma, when cows are stolen, it’s hard to find the thief. The cows all look alike, and the evidence disappears when they’re turned into steaks.

Listen to Cow Noir:

Chasing The Dread Pirate Roberts

A man who dreamed of setting up a utopian marketplace, a place where you could buy and sell almost anything in secret. The pirate created a market with no contracts, no regulations, and really no government interference. The Dread Pirate believed in total economic freedom, but in order to make his market work, he had to do some very bad things.

Listen to Chasing The Dread Pirate Roberts:

Hello, I’m Calling From La Mafia

Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world. Jobs that seem dull and safe in most countries have become incredibly dangerous professions in Honduras. For example: Driving a bus.

Listen to Hello, I’m Calling From La Mafia:

Free Audiobook: Criminal Words

Criminal Words AudiobookIt’s the holiday travel season, and I’m thinking of you.

What you need is an audiobook full of crime fiction short stories — written by the likes of Joe Clifford, Jen Conley, David Cranmer (writing as Edward A. Grainger), Chris Holm, Christopher Irvin, Tom Pitts, Steve Weddle, and me — to help pass the time as you journey from place to place.

What you really need is for that audiobook to be free.

Wish granted: CRIMINAL WORDS.

Read more about CRIMINAL WORDS here, or jump right in and download CRIMINAL WORDS here.

Happy holidays!

Word Crimes Podcast: Episode 3

Title 18: Word Crimes PodcastGet your earbuds ready… The third episode of the Title 18: Word Crimes Podcast is now available!

On this episode, Scott Detrow — a public radio reporter in Sacramento, California — reads “Swing and a Miss,” originally published by Near to the Knuckle.

The Word Crimes podcast is on iTunes and Stitcher. And, of course, you can always listen right here.

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Word Crimes Podcast: Episode 2

Title 18: Word Crimes PodcastI’m very pleased to report that the second episode of the Title 18: Word Crimes Podcast is now available.

On this episode, my partner in crime Scott Detrow — a public radio reporter in Sacramento, California — reads two stories, “Twelve Before Nine” and “Blow Out the Candles.” Both were originally published by Shotgun Honey.

The Word Crimes podcast is on iTunes and Stitcher. And, of course, you can always listen right here.

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