#11,906 on the Packers Season Ticket Waiting List

My father was a lifelong fan of the Green Bay Packers, and I’m grateful that he passed his love of the greatest franchise in the history of professional sports on to me.

I’ve been fortunate to see a number of games in person, and every year as football season starts I watch the mail for a postcard from the Packers to see where I stand on their season ticket waiting list.

I joined the Packers’ season ticket waiting list in 1999 at number 27,611. As of 2020, I’ve climbed nearly 16,000 spots up to 11,906.

Here’s how my position on the list has changed through the years:

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Best Wishes to Bob McGinn

Since 1984, Bob McGinn has covered the Green Bay Packers. First for the Green Bay Press-Gazette, then for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

I’ve been reading Bob’s work regularly since the Internet first gave me access to the Journal-Sentinel. His articles and columns are among the very best sportswriting you’ll ever read. Heck, they’re among the very best writing, period. His day-after-the-game stories are always the best, his in-depth game analyses later in the week are uniformly outstanding, and his NFL draft coverage is without equal.

Yesterday, the Journal-Sentinel announced that Bob’s retiring.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Although we’ve never met, Bob’s like a member of the family. Dad and I had too many conversations to remember which began with something Bob wrote about the Packers. He was diligent, fair, tough, and knowledgeable. He was exactly what you want in a sportswriter.

To quote from the Journal-Sentinel article about his retirement, “In 2011, he was selected by the Pro Football Writers of America as recipient of the prestigious Dick McCann Award for long and distinguished reporting, placing him in the writers’ wing of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. In Wisconsin, he is a six-time winner of the Sportswriter of the Year award from the National Sports Media Association.”

In January, Sports Illustrated featured an in-depth profile of Bob, written by Greg Bishop. Reading that piece is a great way to understand why Bob was so revered by fans, players, and writers alike.

To Bob and his wife Ann, I offer my best wishes. Thank you for all of your work covering the Green Bay Packers, and thank you for your dedication to a job well done.

My Place on the Packers Season Ticket Waiting List

Darren Rovell, a senior writer for ESPN, recently detailed his experience on the Green Bay Packers season ticket waiting list.

He joined the list in 2006 at spot number 73,257. Today, he’s 60,766.

That makes me feel absolutely giddy about my spot on the list.

I joined in 1999 at number 27,611. Every year, the Packers send a postcard which includes my updated spot on the list. Here’s how my spot has changed through the years:

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