For James Miller

Today is the official release date for my book HOW TO HOST A GAME NIGHT, and I’d like to focus a bit on one single page in the book.

The dedication page.

In the first chapter, I quote my good friend James Miller quite a bit. I describe James as “my favorite person to learn a new game from,” which is no exaggeration. He was an absolute master at teaching game rules — and he was very generous in answering a lot of questions so that I could share many of his tips and techniques in the book. (If you knew James, “generous” is no doubt a word you would associate with him as well.)

James was also at the very top of my list of favorite people to play games with. If he had ever said to me, “I found this new game which is a cross between Candy Land and Chutes & Ladders. Do you want to play?” I would answer “yes” with no hesitation. Playing a game with James was guaranteed to be fun.

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