Daredevil #3 – Trivia Game

In this trivia game, you decide how much risk you’re willing to take. The more answers you choose, the more points you can score — but incorrect answers count against you!

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In the first category (“More Bacon than Kevin Bacon”), you’re looking for people who are better connected to other film and television stars than Kevin Bacon himself. (The Oracle of Bacon website – link below, so you’re not tempted to click it now – describes this as “the center of the Hollywood universe.” By their calculations, Bacon ranks #543.)

The second category (“Members of the European Union”) is self-explanatory.

In each of the two categories, you can guess as many answers as you want. In each category, there are 7 to 11 correct answers (which of course means there are 1 to 5 incorrect answers).

You earn 1 point for each correct answer and lose 1 point for each incorrect answer.

Good luck!

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