“All Alone” in Spanish

All AloneMy short story “All Alone” — about a bagman working for a boodler in a city run by thieves (i.e., a political thug in 1951 Philadelphia) — is now available in Spanish!

Read it here: Totalmente Solo

“All Alone” was originally published in English in the anthology Shotgun Honey Reloaded: Both Barrels Vol. 2. It’s also available in English as a free PDF download at NoiseTrade with fantastic cover art by Dillon Samuelson.

Translation by Carolina Maria Russo-Holding. “All Alone” is my 12th story available in Spanish. All of the translations are available here.

Publishing Books on NoiseTrade

One of the things I appreciate most about indie authors is their willingness to share data on what they’ve tried, helping other authors decide if it makes sense for them. In that spirit…

This year (2014), I self-published three books on NoiseTrade, a site mostly known for indie music but which also provides free downloads of books. As the publishing industry continues to evolve, it seemed to make good sense to experiment with a relatively new service.

Fortune - CoverThe only “catch” to downloading free books and music from NoiseTrade is that you have to provide a working email address in order to complete the download — which of course allows the author or musician to add you to his or her mailing list.

(The site also encourages people to tip the authors and musicians. One source of NoiseTrade’s revenue is that they keep a percentage of those tips. For my projects, I focused much more on downloads than tips.)

The first book I published on NoiseTrade was FORTUNE, a comic book I scripted with art by the amazing Dillon Samuelson.
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