Tonight! Online! Reading a Short Story with MWA-NY

Tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern U.S. time, the Mystery Writers of America New York Chapter is hosting a terrific online reading event!

You can watch live on the MWA-NY Facebook page or the MWA-NY YouTube page.

Authors who will be reading include Nancy Bilyeau, Suzanne Chazin, Jane Kelly, Lanny Larcinese, Jeff Markowitz, Erica Obey, and Camilla Trinchieri.

I’ll be there, too, reading a story from my collection The Throes of Crime.

Remember, the show kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern U.S. time. And you can watch live on the MWA-NY Facebook page or the MWA-NY YouTube page.

Authors are reading in alphabetical order — which means I’m up first. Hope you can join us!

How to Organize a Short Story Collection

the-throes-of-crime-finalWorking on my short story collection THE THROES OF CRIME, one of the things I didn’t think much about at first was the order the stories would appear in. I only started paying attention as the publication date grew close.

I tried to put the stories in a sensible order, considering things like theme, pacing, setting, and recurring characters. Whether or not I succeeded is, of course, up to each reader to decide, but here are some of the resources I consulted to at least develop a strategy.

Storyville: Tips on Putting Together a Short Story Collection by Richard Thomas

How Should You Order A Short Story Collection? by Nathan S. McNamara

Ten Tips for Organizing a Short Story Collection by John Fox

Organising a Story Collection by Tim Love

Close to the Boneyard – New Anthology

Close to the BoneyardCLOSE TO THE BONEYARD, a new anthology featuring stories from the website Near to the Knuckle, is now available.

My short story “Swing and a Miss,” which was published by Near to the Knuckle in 2012, is part of the collection along with stories by the likes of Eric Beetner, Paul D. Brazill, Joe Clifford, Bill Baber, and many more. It’s a great lineup.

“Swing and a Miss” is also available in Spanish.

Publishing Books on NoiseTrade

One of the things I appreciate most about indie authors is their willingness to share data on what they’ve tried, helping other authors decide if it makes sense for them. In that spirit…

This year (2014), I self-published three books on NoiseTrade, a site mostly known for indie music but which also provides free downloads of books. As the publishing industry continues to evolve, it seemed to make good sense to experiment with a relatively new service.

Fortune - CoverThe only “catch” to downloading free books and music from NoiseTrade is that you have to provide a working email address in order to complete the download — which of course allows the author or musician to add you to his or her mailing list.

(The site also encourages people to tip the authors and musicians. One source of NoiseTrade’s revenue is that they keep a percentage of those tips. For my projects, I focused much more on downloads than tips.)

The first book I published on NoiseTrade was FORTUNE, a comic book I scripted with art by the amazing Dillon Samuelson.
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Locked & Loaded: Upcoming Anthology

Submissions are now being accepted for Shotgun Honey’s third anthology, Locked and Loaded: Both Barrels Vol. 3, which will be published by One Eye Press later this year.

We’re looking for great crime fiction stories between 1,500 and 4,500 words long. If you’re interested, check out the complete submission guidelines. The deadline for submissions is May 11, 2014.

My story “All Alone” was published in the second SH anthology, Reloaded: Both Barrels Vol. 2, but this is the first SH anthology I’ll be an editor for. I’m really looking forward to reading some great stories, so get to it!

Off the Record 2 for $0.99

Off the Record 2 Now AvailableThe Kindle editions of the charity anthologies Off the Record and Off the Record 2: At the Movies are now available for just $0.99 (or £0.77 in the U.K.) each.

Both books are packed with great short stories. The original Off the Record features stories sharing titles with classic songs (including “Free Bird,” “American Pie” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”), while Off the Record 2: At the Movies features stories which borrow titles from classic films (including “Weekend at Bernie’s,” “Dead Man” and my contribution, “American Beauty”).

The sale ends Thursday, April 4, so get your copies now:

In more Off the Record news, editor Luca Veste recently posted an update on the forthcoming Off the Record 3.

Kwik Krimes Cover Revealed

Kwik KrimesWhen it comes out later this year, Kwik Krimes, an anthology edited by Otto Penzler, will — this is still stunning to me — include my short story “Fortune.” It won’t be available until August 20, but for now check out that amazing cover! (Click on it for an even bigger version.) I love the beat-up look, the the fedora, the seedy motel, the colors, the font… Everything works.

I can’t wait to hold a copy in my hands.

If you’re interested in reading ultra short stories (all under 1,000 words) from great authors like Ken Bruen, Reed Farrell Coleman and Lyndsay Faye, you can pre-order Kwik Krimes from right now:

  • U.S. paperback
  • U.S. Kindle
  • U.K. paperback
  • U.K. Kindle
  • h/t to Rob W. Hart for being the first to notice the book cover being added to Amazon’s website. Or at least the first to notice who posted something about it that I noticed…

    Five You Can’t Miss: Great Short Stories from 2012

    Chris Rhatigan, editor of the great short story site All Due Respect, has been asking authors to post “Five You Can’t Miss” — great short stories from 2012 — at his blog, Death by Killing.

    When I started keeping track of his posts and calculating the outlets with the most stories listed, Chris was kind enough to invite me to send in a list of my own.

    My list was posted on Monday. It includes pieces published in Blood & Tacos, NEEDLE: A Magazine of Noir, Shotgun Honey, Off the Record 2: At the Movies, and Atomic Noir. Check it out, and please let me know what you think by posting a comment either here or there.

    Otto Penzler’s Kwik Krimes Coming in August

    Over the weekend, I pre-ordered a book edited by Otto Penzler. Not a big deal, I’ve done that before.

    But this book was Kwik Krimes, an anthology edited by Penzler which includes one of my stories. (No, I’m still not over that. Won’t be anytime soon.)

    Kwik Krimes is available for pre-order from Amazon (U.S. Kindle, U.S. paperback, U.K. Kindle, U.K. paperback). The publication date is listed as August 20, 2013. (Is it August yet?!?)

    In addition to my story “Fortune” (originally published at Shotgun Honey), Kwik Krimes will feature nearly 100 stories from the likes of Peter Blauner, Ken Bruen, Tasha Alexander, Bruce DeSilva, Joe R. Lansdale and many, many other Actual, Real-Life Authors. To say I’m honored and excited to be included in their midst is the understatement of the year.