Stories in Print

Here are my short stories which have appeared in print, listed in reverse chronological order:

Thuglit   Needle Magazine Winter 2014-15   Reloaded: Front Cover   Kwik Krimes   Grift Issue #2   Needle: A Magazine of Noir   Off the Record 2 Now Available   Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine - Fall 1998

“It Bothers Me,” about returning home to the small town of Wilmot, South Dakota, was published in THUGLIT (Issue #16, March/April 2015).

“Alive,” set in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) in January 1953, was published in NEEDLE (Winter 2014-15).

“All Alone,” a look behind the scenes of Philadelphia mayoral politics in 1951, was published in Shotgun Honey’s RELOADED: Both Barrels Vol. 2.

“Fortune,” in which we meet two entrepreneurs in the field of recycled cooking oil, was published in Otto Penzler’s KWIK KRIMES.

“Noose of Trust,” about tracking criminals and set in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was published in GRIFT (Issue #2).

“Mess With Me,” an examination of the effects of Congressional redistricting, was published in NEEDLE (Fall/Winter 2012).

“American Beauty,” a look at the life of professional wrestler “Beautiful” Bobby Ferrari, was published in OFF THE RECORD 2: AT THE MOVIES.

“The Murder of Ernest Trapnell,” about Detectives Jake Morgan and Peter Eckert solving a crime in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, was published in MARY HIGGINS CLARK MYSTERY MAGAZINE (Fall 1998).

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