Bouchercon 2014 Live Podcast

Bouchercon 2014Are you going to Bouchercon this year?

If so, swing by Harbor Room A on Saturday, Nov. 15, at 12:00 p.m. for a live recording of the Title 18: Word Crimes podcast!

Four authors, four minutes each. What could go wrong? (Don’t be late!)

I’m completely thrilled with the lineup:

  • Rob Hart, author of the upcoming NEW YORKED.
  • Seth Harwood, author of IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, YOUNG JUNIUS, JACK WAKES UP, and more.
  • Jess Lourey (aka Jessie Lourey), author of JANUARY THAW, FEBRUARY FEVER, the upcoming THE CATALAIN BOOK OF SECRETS, and more.
  • And… me, author of a work-in-progress about a kitten. Which is what I’ll be reading. Seriously.

See you there!

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