The Throes of Crime – $0.99 for a Limited Time

the-throes-of-crime-finalHappy Black Friday! The Kindle edition of my short story collection THE THROES OF CRIME is on sale for 99 cents! (That’s 80% off, and less than 4 cents per short story.)

On Tuesday, the price increases to $2.99 and then it goes back to $4.99 one week from today.

So get it while the getting’s good:


If you prefer a hard copy, THE THROES OF CRIME paperback is available for $9.99 — and you’ll get the Kindle version absolutely free with Amazon’s MatchBook program.

All proceeds from THE THROES OF CRIME benefit the James & Jeanne Arneson Memorial Scholarship Fund.


The Throes of Crime, Government & Board Games

Pandemic LegacyMy buddy Christopher Irvin recently asked me a bunch of questions about THE THROES OF CRIME, government, board games, and much more.

Read the full interview here.

(Spoiler alert: My current favorite board game is pictured to the right.)

You can also check out Chris’s books: SAFE INSIDE THE VIOLENCE, BURN CARDS, and FEDERALES.

“Election Day” in Waiting to be Forgotten

Waiting to be ForgottenA new anthology inspired by The Replacements and featuring my story “Election Day” is out now!

WAITING TO BE FORGOTTEN: Stories of Crime and Heartbreak Inspired by The Replacements is published by Gutter Books and edited by Jay Stringer.

In all, WAITING TO BE FORGOTTEN includes 25 stories by David Accampo, Hailey Ardell, Gorman Bechard, Eric Beetner, Kristi Belcamino, Jerry Bloomfield, William Boyle, Angel Luis Colón, Jen Conley, Rory Costello, Josh Flanagan, Ed Kurtz, S.W. Lauden, Tom Leins, Mike McCrary, Franz Nicolay, Rick Ollerman, Eyre Price, Manuel Royal, Alex Segura, Johnny Shaw, Josh Stallings, Jay Stringer, Liam Sweeney, and me. (Easy to see why I’m pumped to be included, right?)

“Election Day” is set in Duluth, Minnesota. It’s about a news reporter with KDUL-TV whose past catches up with her in an unexpected way. I hope you like it.

Audio versions of “Election Day” and S.W. Lauden’s story “Customer” are available on the Title 18: Word Crimes podcast, or you can listen right here.


“Customer” by S.W. Lauden and “Election Day” by Erik Arneson on the Title 18: Word Crimes Podcast

Noir at the Bar in Harrisburg – Tonight!


Noir at the Bar returns to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, tonight!

Go out and vote — and then join us at Sturges Speakeasy (400 Forster Street) for a great lineup of authors reading some fantastic fiction! The show starts at 6:30 p.m.

Noir at the Bar November 2016

Joel Burcat
Patrick Cobbs
Tony Conaway
Gabriella Gill
Don Helin
Merry Jones
Catherine Jordan
Gina Napoli
Eryk Pruitt
Erik Arneson

I’ll have copies of my new short story collection, THE THROES OF CRIME, available. Hope to see you there!

Cardboard Crimes at The Sirens of Suspense

Ca$h ’n Gun$In addition to writing crime fiction, I play board games. A lot of board games.

Most of us are familiar with Clue (first published in 1949), but crime-themed games have come a long way over the past seven decades.

The Sirens of Suspense invited me to write about some of my favorite crime-themed games, and I jumped at the opportunity.

Take a look at my list and let me know what you think!

Interviewed by Spinetingler Mag

the-throes-of-crime-finalSandra Ruttan at Spinetingler Magazine recently took some time to ask me a few questions about my short story collection THE THROES OF CRIME, my adventures in play-by-mail professional wrestling simulations, fleeing the country, and much more!

Read the entire interview here.

Huge thanks to Sandra and Spinetingler for inviting me to answer!