“Alive” in Needle Magazine

Needle Magazine Winter 2014-15I’m stoked to have ended 2014 with a short story in the same issue of NEEDLE Magazine as David Corbett, a tremendous author who was also a fantastic teacher in the LitReactor class I took from him a couple of years ago.

My short story “Alive” is in the Winter 2014-15 issue of NEEDLE, along with stories by David, Sarah Askins, Jeff Barr, C.M. Beckett, Nigel Bird, Kim Bradley, Steve De Jarnatt, Paul J. Garth, Ed Kurtz, Elahzar Rao, Chris Rhatigan, Albert Tucher, and Laura Woollett. Scott Morse did the excellent cover art.

“Alive” — which borrows its title from a song by The Throes — is set in January 1953. Here’s the opening paragraph:

Grigor Dragunov remembered when Leningrad was Petrograd. He also remembered when it was Saint Petersburg. No matter what the government decided to call the seaport city, it was a miserably cold place to live at the end of January. A bone-chilling wind leaked through the thin walls of his small third-floor apartment, and the moment he stepped out of bed his arthritis flared up. He swallowed two aspirin, as advised by his doctor — assuming the fool had a genuine medical degree, which Grigor doubted — but experience had taught him a better way to dull the pain: vodka.

NEEDLE’s always a fantastic read, full of top-notch fiction. I can’t wait to get my hands on this issue. You can buy a copy here.

By the way, David Corbett’s teaching a four-week LitReactor class starting January 13. Sign up for The Craft of Character. I promise you won’t regret it.

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